Learn From Experts: Christmas Interactive Posts on Social Media

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way…” Christmas is coming, and you hear this song more often than ever. In the mall, busway, even on your song list recommendations.

If you’re running a business or startups, you should be ready to create interactive posts on social media platforms for Christmas campaigns.

Have no ideas? Let me guide you through.

While every business seems serious with their out-of-this-world Christmas campaign ideas and concepts, some of them often forget to pay attention to hashtags.

After all, standing out in a sea of posts in someone’s social feeds is no small feat nowadays. And of course, you need to think beyond the simple hashtags such as #christmas #joinus #christmas2021 #festive.

Andre from Breadnbeyond, an explainer video company, said, “Whether it’s short event videos, polls, text posts, it’s always better to include consistent and branded hashtags.”

Beside helping you to be more discoverable which will bring more new followers and increase engagement, branded hashtags can boost campaign’s interactivity as you can put them in your social bios and your social posts– encouraging users to interact and use it in their posts.

For better engagement, check out this complete video marketing checklist.

Social media platforms today give brands the chance to be more creative than ever. With filters, GIFs, stickers, and the ability to connect with audiences with a touch of a button, every brand can find their unique touch so they can be remembered this holiday season.

A brand can opt for influencer marketing to jumpstart their Christmas campaign or focus on their audience by posting audience generated content— the options are endless.

If you’d like to spend less on your marketing campaign, then making do with Instagram’s limitless GIFs and stickers on their stories is a good way to engage with your audience.

The more you get your audience to click or tap on your stories, the more engagement you’ll receive.

Social media content is all about engaging with audiences on the platform. To make interactive posts, consider including videos, GIFs, and memes. Videos, for example, have been great for conveying a brand’s message, which makes them a perfect approach for the Christmas season. 

You can also try making the post more interactive by adding polls or asking questions with predetermined responses so users can send their answers/responses straight to your account.

Holiday Campaigns: The Examples

#1. McDonald UK

McDonald UK and Ireland #ReindeerReady themed Christmas campaign has been running since 2017. Through the campaign, the popular fast food chain creates a series of giveaways, festive menu items, and digital experiences to further engage customers.

They also provide a digital hub where consumers can enter a competition to win one of a limited 2,000 McDonald’s Christmas jumpers. To build the hype and excitement, the company spread the hashtag #ReindeerReady on their social media platforms.

#2. Starbucks

The Starbucks #GiveGood and #RedCupArt campaigns are excellent examples of user generated content. It gave artists and closeted doodlers to give their best drawings on Starbucks cups. 

With the help of famous artists and unique doodles from all around the world being featured on Starbucks’ Instagram page, the #RedCupArt campaign became viral on social media feeds all around the world. 

#3. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola has been known for its memorable marketing campaigns. This soda company is always in the first commercial break of every year with an intense new spot. In Coca-Cola: the Last Customer, they treated the Philippines to a Christmas campaign giving more than 15000 people surprise gifts during the holiday season. 

The ad featured an excited girl who discovered her identity as she unwrapped 12 gifts carefully chosen by donors and friends. This heartwarming gesture had garnered over 3 million video views on YouTube, becoming one of the most successful video marketing campaigns in Coca-Cola history.

The Takeaway

Christmas campaign is an annual campaign, it happens once a year and in a very short period of time. So, you have to be smart in optimizing social media by making your audience rejoice and happy in welcoming the new year and engaging with your business.

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