How much will a divorce lawyer cost in Birmingham, AL?

You are ready to file for divorce in Birmingham and are wondering how to take the next step. Divorce, no matter how things are with your spouse, will take a toll on your emotional state and personal life. There are many aspects to consider, and more often than not, people fail to take the financial implications into account. Additional issues, including child custody and alimony, can complicate the legal battle. Hiring an attorney in such circumstances is probably the best thing you can do, and top legal experts from The Harris Firm, LLC in Birmingham can guide you further. If you are wondering what it takes to seek legal representation, here are some things to understand.

A lot depends on your circumstances

Are you and your spouse on talking terms and agree to the critical issues? If yes, yours is likely to be an uncontested divorce, which is far less complex and can be completed within weeks. There is a mandatory waiting period of 30 days, which means you will have to wait for at least that long to receive the final judgment. For uncontested divorces, lawyers in Alabama may work on a flat rate. Because their role is limited to just taking care of the paperwork and advising you on your rights and other details, they will not charge the usual fee.

On the contrary, if there are evident issues that require negotiations, or when the divorce ends up in mediation or court, the lawyer has more to do, which adds to the cost. For contested divorces, a retainer fee is usually a must, along with an hourly rate.

The lawyer’s experience is critical

Experienced attorneys who have been practicing family law in Alabama for a long time will usually charge more than someone who is new to the field. For complicated divorces, hiring someone with credible expertise is a good idea, but that also means paying more. As a client, you have the option of discussing things with your lawyer in detail and asking for an estimate, which will help you plan for the process better. You may also want advice on how to seek alimony and whether you would qualify for that.

Even in the most challenging economic situations during a divorce, meeting a family lawyer is a good idea. You can always contact the attorney to know how they bill clients and whether they have the time for your case.

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