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Quibi, the short-form streaming service created by Jeffrey Katzenberg and Meg Whitman, has been able to reach a milestone that many had thought impossible. Just over 6 months after its launch, Quibi is now available on Roku devices as a channel – marking a major win for the platform. This news comes via an announcement from Wall Street Journal, in which they detail how Quibi has made a major move towards wider availability. This means more people will have access to their vast library of short-form content. In this article we’ll explore the implications of this move and what it could mean for Quibi going forward.

What is Quibi?

Quibi is a new streaming service that offers quick bites of content in an easily digestible format. Think of it like a snackable TV service, with shows that are 10 minutes or less. Quibi is perfect for busy people on the go who want to watch something quickly and easily. The service launched in April 2020 and offers a variety of programming, including news, sports, lifestyle, and entertainment content. Quibi is available on Roku devices in the US.

What is Roku?

Roku is a streaming device that allows you to watch your favorite shows and movies on your TV. You can also use Roku to listen to music, play games, and more. Roku comes with a remote control, so you can easily navigate your way through the various channels and menu options.

The 100 million dollar deal between Quibi and Roku

Quibi, the short-form video streaming service, has struck a deal with Roku that will see its content appear on the Roku Channel. The partnership is a major coup for Quibi, which has struggled to find a foothold since its launch earlier this year.

Under the terms of the deal, Quibi will make its entire library of content available to Roku users in the United States. The Roku Channel is one of the most popular streaming platforms in the US, with over 25 million active users.

The partnership will give Quibi a much-needed boost in visibility and exposure. It remains to be seen whether it will be enough to help Quibi turn things around, but it is certainly a step in the right direction.

How this will affect streaming in the future

It’s no secret that Quibi and Roku have had a tumultuous relationship. Just last week, Roku pulled the Quibi app from its platform citing “poor engagement” with users. But it looks like the two companies may have reconciled, as Quibi is now available on Roku once again.

How will this affect streaming in the future? Well, it’s hard to say. On one hand, it could be seen as a sign that Roku is willing to work with companies that may not be generating as much interest as some of its other partners. On the other hand, it could also be viewed as a sign that Roku is struggling to find content that really resonates with users and is willing to take whatever it can get.

either way, this development is certainly something to keep an eye on in the ever-changing world of streaming.

What other platforms are available for Quibi?

There are a few other platforms that are available for Quibi. One is Apple TV, which is available for fourth-generation or later Apple TVs. Another platform is Android TV, which is available on select Smart TVs and set-top boxes. Lastly, there is Roku, which is available on all Roku devices.


In conclusion, Quibi’s launch of its 100 million dollar Roku channel shows the potential that streaming services have to reach a larger audience. With the successful launch on Roku, Quibi has shown its commitment to investing in innovative ways to get their content onto platforms like Roku and reaching an even larger demographic of viewers. It will be interesting to see what other strategies they come up with as they continue their mission of becoming the leading global streaming service.

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