Who Is Christopher Terry, IM Mastery Academy’s CEO? 5 FAQs Answered

As CEO of IM Mastery Academy, Christopher Terry leads the development of an online education platform that covers a variety of market engagement strategies and other learning opportunities. Christopher Terry founded IM Mastery Academy in 2013 with his wife and CFO, Isis Terry, and it has since grown to reach thousands of students in countries around the world.

Christopher Terry’s leadership style, educational philosophy, and vision for the Academy is an integral part of IM Academy. Read on to learn more about how and why Christopher Terry founded IM Mastery Academy,  and his views on how to approach online financial education.

  1. What Did Christopher Terry Do Before Founding IM Mastery Academy?

Christopher Terry was born in New York City and was interested in entrepreneurship from a young age. Prior to founding IM Mastery Academy, Christopher Terry worked in the construction industry. Once he was introduced to financial markets and the potential of online educational resources, he realized he could combine the two to provide access to those who wanted to study financial markets but needed a flexible format.

  1. Why Did Christopher Terry Found IM Mastery Academy? 

After learning about financial markets and online education, Christopher Terry founded IM Mastery Academy to establish an accessible alternative to traditional financial education. His goal was to give students a means of drawing on self-motivation to learn about financial market engagement strategies on a schedule that worked for them.

  1. What Is Christopher Terry’s Leadership Style?

A central component of Christopher Terry’s approach to leadership at IM Mastery Academy is to emphasize the cultivation of a positive self-concept along with a drive to learn. He explained this approach in a Facebook post from September 2022.

“You have to go in and start cleaning up the negative [thinking] and replace those ideas with more positive, uplifting thoughts and ideas,” said Terry. “Change the thinking, you change the result.”

To help those involved with IM Mastery Academy pursue this mindset, Christopher Terry often delivers speeches at IM Mastery Academ byy events. In his talks, Christopher Terry tells IM Mastery Academy students about his own experiences and how focusing on positivity and self-confidence helped him. He’s a strong proponent of the power of emotions to motivate, as he explained in another post.

“Your thoughts are the steering wheel to your goals, while your emotions are the gas pedal. Create a strong desire to see a particular thing manifest. Everything starts as a burst of inspiration or new thought,” said Terry. “Start with a new thought or burst of inspiration: ‘This is my goal. This is what I truly desire!’, and every day, give more energy and emotion to the manifestation of that idea. Create a strong, burning desire for your goal to manifest and let this desire fill every cell of your being.”

  1. What Is Christopher Terry’s Approach to Financial Education?

While Christopher Terry often tells IM Mastery Academy educators and students about the importance of cultivating a positive mindset, he also stresses the consequences of hard work and self-motivated drive when pursuing financial education.

“Why are you not reading? That’s equivalent to taking that form, taking that seed and putting it on top of a rock and saying, ‘Go ahead, grow.’ It can’t root,” said Terry in a recent video. “A tree will grow as deep as it is high. It will go wide. You can only see the bark, the stump coming out, but underneath you have a really, really wide spread. You need to be able to have a foundation, an ability to keep growing. If you’re not cultivating your own mind, what are you expecting to do?” 

For Christopher Terry, IM Mastery Academy’s mission is to help students build that foundation of financial knowledge through a variety of online materials, including readings, videos, and GoLive video sessions featuring live mentorship from IM Mastery Academy educators.

IM Mastery Academy includes several distinct academies focused on specific markets, including the FRX Academy for the foreign exchange (forex) market, the DCX Academy for the digital currency market, the ECX Academy for e-commerce, the TBX Academy for time-based exchange strategies, and the SFX Academy for stocks and futures. The Elite Academy provides students with access to all of these academies. 

  1. What Are Christopher Terry’s Plans for the Future of IM Mastery Academy?

As IM Mastery Academy CEO, Christopher Terry often travels to spread the Academy’s message of financial knowledge and the power of positivity. In 2022, he completed a European tour that featured stops at 12 locations. The tour signals Christopher Terry’s plans to continue an international growth strategy for IM Mastery Academy, which offers its academies in several languages, including German, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish. 

Another signal of Christopher Terry’s plans for IM Mastery Academy’s growth is that three new academies were released in 2022. In addition to TBX Academy and SFX Academy, Christopher Terry launched IM Mastery Academy’s TLX Academy membership program this year. TLX Academy enables members to book hotels and resorts at discounted prices using an online portal. It also provides opportunities for members to take themed trips that include engagement with IM Mastery Academy educators on financial market topics such as forex and cryptocurrency.

Fueled by leadership from Christopher Terry, IM Mastery Academy looks to continue building on its 2022 growth in future years. 

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