Tips For Choosing a  S Hotel

Located in Taipei’s business district, S Hotel offers a mix of modern and eclectic design by Philippe Starck. The vibrant interiors feature leather sofas and tribal thrones in an eclectic colour palette, as well as overhead artworks by Cha-Ray Chu. A motif of a beaded necklace hints at the hotel’s ties to its Chinese name. It was originally given to Big S by Chinese pop icon Barbie Hsu.


For business travelers, staying in a business-friendly hotel can be a real boon. These properties often provide services such as audio-visual equipment rental and free local phone calls. They also have conference rooms and have internet access. Some also feature a business center. Ideally located near two metro stations and close to the National Mall, The Madison is an ideal option for those traveling on business.


When choosing a hotel, you want to make sure it has an eco-friendly reputation. More guests are searching for this when traveling. With increasing environmental awareness and access to eco-solutions, more people are making an effort to be environmentally friendly. This includes recycling, reducing plastic waste, eating locally, and bringing eco-friendly elements into their daily lives.

One way to tell if a hotel is eco-friendly is to check the green seal on its website. This will tell you whether it is certified by the Environmental Management Agency (EMA). The EMA also looks for specific green practices, including water efficiency and using reusable vs. disposable products. It’s also good to look for LEED certification. You can also find out if a hotel is certified through third-party organizations, such as the Green Hotels Association.

Many hotels are incorporating various eco-friendly practices into their operations to minimize their impact on the environment. Some common practices include ramping up recycling programs, installing energy-efficient lighting, using non-toxic cleaning products, and offering reusable cutlery in their restaurants. Another common practice is to recycle greywater. Another way to reduce waste is to encourage guests to hang their towels rather than throw them in the trash.

Many hotels have adopted environmentally-friendly practices for the decoration of their rooms. This includes using natural paints, organic cotton, and water-saving fibres. Some even go so far as to employ local craftsmen and recycle items from flea markets to make the interior of the rooms look stylish. In addition, many hotels use sustainable materials, which are less polluting and have a rich history.

Many hotels have become certified eco-friendly through ecolabel programs. This is a way to recognize their eco-friendly practices and promote their social responsibility. The EU Ecolabel, for example, is an official sign of environmental quality in the European Union. It is a certification provided by an independent organization and is valid in many member states.

Cancellation policy

Before booking a reservation, you should understand what the cancellation policy is. Cancellations that are made more than 72 hours before arrival are subject to a penalty. In some cases, you may be able to send a friend or family member to take your place. However, if you are unable to make the stay due to illness or any other reason, you will be billed for one night’s accommodation and taxes.

Before booking a hotel reservation, be sure to read the cancellation policy and check the cancellation fee. Some cancellation policies can be complicated and include incidental deposits. Also, keep in mind that cancellation fees vary from hotel to hotel and depend on the specific dates of your stay. Moreover, the policy will differ depending on the dates of your stay and the number of people that are planning to stay at the hotel.

When you cancel your reservation, the reservation agent will need to make sure that you cancelled the reservation in the proper manner. You may also be asked to select alternate dates. You should always confirm the cancellation policy with the reservation agent and keep the cancellation number, as it will be used as a proof of your cancellation and can be added to your reservation record.

The cancellation policy for hotels is still evolving, so make sure to check the policy before you book. Some hotels charge a fee when you cancel, but most offer fee-free cancellations until 24 or 48 hours before arrival. Some are experimenting with tiered cancellation policies where they charge more for cancellations after that. That means that if you need to cancel your reservation at the last minute, you could end up paying as much as one or two nights’ stay.

Pet policy

When it comes to traveling with pets, it’s important to find out a hotel’s pet policy. Depending on the property, you may need to fill out a pet policy form or provide a copy of the pet’s vaccination record. In addition, a hotel may require you to pick up after your pet.

Most hotels charge a small fee per night for pets. Other hotels may charge a flat fee for each pet, based on their additional cleaning costs. Some pet-friendly hotels are willing to work with you, but you should always ask for approval before bringing your pet. While most hotels will allow you to bring up to two pets, the weight limit on each pet varies.

Hotels with pet-friendly policies are increasing in number. Many upscale hotels have adopted this policy, including Virgin Hotels and Kimpton Hotels. Some even have no-fee pet policies. Moreover, even some independent properties are getting on the pet-friendly bandwagon. In addition, these hotels offer great discounts for their guests and free WiFi.

Generally, the hotel website will have a section for its pet policy. If the hotel is not listed on the website, you should call the hotel and ask. However, some hotels may be more explicit and disclose the pet fee in the hotel’s features. If you find a hotel with a pet-friendly policy, you can proceed to booking with confidence.

If you want to take your pet to a luxury hotel, you can also check out Four Seasons hotels. Located in Canada and the U.S., Four Seasons hotels allow small and medium pets. These luxury properties often offer pet-friendly amenities. Alternatively, a hotel can offer a pet-friendly option like an InTown Suite. But the pet-friendly policy is not as common as it might be at some other types of hotels.

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