The Math Playground Review

The Math Playground is a website for kids that’s certified to comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. The games are colorful and easy to access, but they use Adobe Flash, which many browsers have blocked by default. Plus, Adobe plans to stop supporting Flash by 2020. Math Playground also contains advertisements and Facebook integration. Still, there are tons of games to choose from.

Problems with navigating Math Playground

Math Playground is an online website that offers a range of games and logic puzzles to reinforce core math concepts. It was created by an educational consultant and math teacher to help students improve their math skills through play. The games include everything from word problems to basic logic puzzles. It is best to use a computer with Java and Flash Player installed to enjoy the full range of games.

Math Playground’s interface is not the easiest to use. Having to scroll back and forth to find the appropriate skill to practice can be time-consuming and frustrating. Because there are hundreds of games, students may waste time playing games without a clear connection to the learning material. Despite its many benefits, Math Playground is still far from perfect and may not be suitable for all students.

Math Playground offers an extensive array of videos covering a wide range of topics. They are divided into more than a dozen different categories. Videos include real-life people who teach children to solve math problems. The videos cover topics such as missing numbers, adding and subtracting up to 100, and many more. Students can also play games to improve their skills.

Math Playground has been certified compliant with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), which protects the privacy of children. It is free and supported by advertisers to provide great educational content for kids. Math Playground also offers a classroom management feature to help teachers manage the site.

While Math Playground is free to use, you can also subscribe to the premium version for $9.99 per month. The premium subscription has many premium features such as removing ads and allowing students to access the site at home. Overall, it is a better value than the free version. You can also share math playground games directly with Google Classroom.

Grade levels

When you browse the Math Playground, you’ll notice that there are different grade levels and categories of games. While it’s not possible to compare individual games, you can compare a number of them side-by-side. This will give you a better idea of which grade level each game fits in.

The Math Playground also offers animated videos that teach kids different math topics. There are over a dozen of these videos, all taught by real people. The videos cover topics like counting, missing numbers, addition through 100, and subtraction. The site also has a variety of games, from logic games to multiplication and division.

If you are looking for math games for elementary and middle school children, Math Playground is a good option. These games are organized by grade level, content, and game type, and are suitable for students in elementary and middle school. There are also games that help students learn about basic math facts, shapes, money, telling time, and geometric figures.

Students in this grade level can explore math problems and strategies by building and decomposing numbers using visual models. Each level starts with a visual model that represents sets of ten. As students progress, they can represent a set of 20 spaceships as a collection of 10s and ones. Then they can use problem solving strategies to determine which numbers are missing and what methods should be used to determine them.

Math Playground is a free educational website that offers an extensive library of games and problem-solving activities. The site has been around since 2002 and has helped millions of students develop math skills and build confidence. It is designed to appeal to a child’s natural curiosity and interest in video games while reinforcing classroom instruction.


The Math Playground is a great resource for kids to develop their math skills. The site offers fun games and animated videos covering a wide range of topics. Students can choose from categories such as logic games, math facts, or word problems. Many of the games can be played alone or with friends and family.

The Math Playground is organized into categories, and each category has a different set of resources. For example, a 4th grader can find games that focus on multiplication, division, and fractions. Other categories include language learning and geography. Teachers will find it easy to find the right games based on their students’ learning style.


If you are looking for a fun place to introduce math to your students, Math Playground is the right place. The site is certified COPPA-compliant and contains a lot of games that your students will love. In addition to games, Math Playground offers various activities for students of different grade levels.

The site is free and is a great way for kids to learn math concepts. It contains many math games, logic puzzles, and problem solving activities. Parents and educators love it as it provides a fun and safe environment for children to learn the basics of math and develop their reasoning skills. Despite being free, it has been certified by kidSAFE COPPA.

Besides learning math facts and logic, there are also games aimed at improving analytical skills and visual perception. Kids can play these games on their own or with their friends. Math arcade games are also available. They can be played on multiple computers. All players start the game at the same time. To play, children can use the mouse or keyboard to solve small problems.

Math Playground has thousands of educational games that can help children learn math skills. It is organized by grade level and topic and is aligned with Common Core Math Standards. Children will enjoy the games for hours on end. This website has helped millions of students overcome math anxiety and build confidence in their own abilities. Its mission is to help students learn math in a fun way.

Despite the many games available, the quality of each game is variable. In addition to the variety of games, Math Playground also features videos and logic challenges for the students. While Math Playground may not be the most fun way to learn math, it is an effective tool for teaching kids math concepts. It also helps teachers save time, as teachers can assign specific games and share them directly in Google Classroom.

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