North Carolina General Contractor License and Exam Prep

When you need to hire a contractor, you must know all of your options. The North Carolina General Contractor License and Exam Prep course will help you get your NC contractor’s license and prepare for the exam to be eligible. This course is everything you need to know about being a licensed contractor in the state of North Carolina. You will learn on how to prepare for the business portion of the contractor’s exam, as well as the trade portion.

As a state that has embraced the need for licensed construction professionals, it should be no surprise that North Carolina is strict regarding the people who want to get a general contractor license. After passing the exam, you’ll need to apply for an apprentice license and register your business with the North Carolina Licensing Board. Your business must also have workers’ compensation and liability insurance.

How to Prepare For Your Exam

You must study and prepare for the exam before getting a license. The North Carolina General Contractor Exam Prep course are one of the best options for apprenticeship candidates. You can take your free NC contractor practice test anytime, so you’ll always be prepared for the test. Below are the preparations for the exam you should look upon;

1. Review the North Carolina General Contractor Exam Prep course materials. This is why we’re here as the Rocketcert, to help you understand the new materials.

2. Prepare for the apprentice test by reviewing the North Carolina Contractor Law and Rules & Regulations Study Guides that are also included within this comprehensive course.

3. Use the Study Time Management Chart provided in the course to plan your study time carefully and fully use your time studying for this test.

4. Take your NC contractor practice test to prepare and test yourself with the knowledge you’ve gained in your study.

5. Register to Rocketcert to get access to the course materials, practice test, and study guide. By registering, you will get lifetime access to the course and can take it at your pace.

How to Get Your License After You Pass the Exam

Once you’ve passed the exam, it’s time to apply for your license. The North Carolina Licensing Board will require the following;

1. A notarized copy of your Exam Results Letter

2. Your Official Transcript or Certificate of Completion from your accredited contractor education provider

3. The North Carolina General Contractor License and Exam Prep course is an accredited contractor education provider.

4. The completed Business Entity Registration form

5. The completed License Application form

6. The $200 application fee

After the North Carolina Licensing Board has received and reviewed your application, they will issue you a North Carolina general contractor license. This will allow you to bid on and perform construction projects in the state of North Carolina.

Now that you have your license, it is time to find work and gain experience in the field. You may want to consider finding a mentor or working for a general contractor to get started. Once you have the experience, you can start your own contracting business. Rocketcert offers a wide variety of online courses to help you succeed in your new career.

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