Who is Sourav Joshi? A Sketch Artist Who Makes a Living From YouTube and Brand Endorsements

Who is Sourav Joshi? A sketch artist who makes a living from YouTube and brand endorsements? Let’s find out! Here’s a look into Sourav’s life. As a young man, Sourav had moved many times, living in several different homes and schools. Although he was a good student, these frequent changes had a detrimental effect on his studies. Sourav dreamed of going to an IIT, but failed to qualify for the entrance test. Worrying about his future, Sourav sought guidance from his relatives.

Sourav Joshi is a YouTuber

Sourav Joshi is a YouTube artist who began his journey in July 2017. He started his channel on 24 July 2017, and his first video was uploaded a month later. His channel gained a lot of popularity during the Lockdown of the Indian internet, and he has over 12.7 million subscribers today. Since his channel’s creation, he has posted tutorial videos, and his art creations have received millions of views.

Sourav was born in Someshwar, Uttarakhand, and completed his education in the state of Haryana. He later completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Pennsylvania. After graduating, he began posting daily vlogs and paintings on his YouTube channel. In 2018, Sourav set a record of making 365 videos a day! Sourav’s popularity grew rapidly and he is now a multimillionaire.

Sourav Joshi is a 22-year-old artist from India who uploads videos of his art creation process to his YouTube channel. Joshi was born and raised in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, and is a Virgo. He has two YouTube channels. One, Sourav Joshi Arts, contains his videos of painting and the other, Sourav Joshi Arts, features his own art works.

Sourav Joshi has two siblings named Piyush and Sahil. He follows the Kumaoni culture and is a Brahmin. In his YouTube videos, he has not revealed his girlfriend or wife. His YouTube channel is a major focus for him, so he has not shared any pictures of himself with anyone. Sourav Joshi is single and focused on his career.

Sourav Joshi has an estimated net worth of $1.25 million dollars. His earnings come from his YouTube channel, where he earns between ten and twelve lakh rupees per month. He has been a part of music videos and has appeared in music videos as well. He also has a pet dog named Oreo. Sourav Joshi is very active on various social media accounts, including Instagram and Twitter.

Sourav started out as an average student, and went to Delhi for architecture coaching. After failing the exam, Sourav developed an interest in sketching. He shared his sketches with his brother, and it turned into a YouTube channel where Sourav showcases his artwork. Sourav is a YouTuber who is now generating millions of views every day! If you’re wondering how Sourav became a popular YouTuber, here are some of his most popular videos.

He is a sketch artist

Sourav Joshi is a famous artist based in New Delhi, India. He has painted several portraits of famous personalities and has been active on social media. He is also a fan of dogs, especially Oreo. He is very active on all the major social networking sites. He updates his profile within an hour. He spends most of his free time with his family. Sourav’s sketch art pieces are available for sale on his website.

Apart from being a talented painter, Sourav Joshi also likes to draw and has sketched many celebrities. The art enthusiast has two youtube channels and has uploaded art videos on them. He has over 110 million views on his videos and has 1.75 million subscribers. His first sketch video has been watched by over 482k people. In addition, he uploads tutorials on drawing techniques and tools.

Sourav Joshi was born in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India. He spent his childhood there. He studied at the Govt High School, followed by the Punjab Group of Colleges. His videos have gained over 2 million views per day. His YouTube videos are filled with funny sketches of famous personalities. Sourav Joshi has been drawing since his childhood and has collaborated with several popular artists such as Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Sushil Kumar para: Sourav Joshi’s sketches of famous personalities have gained much popularity over the years.

Sourav Joshi was born in Uttarakhand to a middle class family. His parents are Hindu brahmins and follow the Hindu religion. Piyush Joshi often appears in his videos, along with his brother Sourav. They live in Dehradun. Sourav Joshi has over 1.5 million YouTube subscribers, and his Instagram page devoted to art has over 330k followers.

Sourav Joshi is a YouTuber, vlogger, and sketch artist. He has an enormous YouTube subscriber base and has even been featured on a Sandeep Maheshwari video. Sourav’s video received over 500,000 views after the artist was tagged in a message by his cousin Piyush. Sourav was born into a middle-class family in Uttarakhand, which is a northern state. His parents are housewives, and Sourav is one of four siblings.

He has a pet dog named Oreo

Sourav Joshi is an Indian YouTuber who was born in Dehradun. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the Government School of Hisar, India. He currently lives in Haldwani, Uttrakhand. He has a pet dog named Oreo, and the audience loves him very much. In his videos, Sourav talks about his daily routine, travel, and pet dog named Oreo.

Sourav Joshi has a pet puppy named Oreo, which he names Piyush. The pet dog has been the focus of many of Sourav’s YouTube videos. Piyush Joshi, Sourav’s younger brother, is a notable fan of his YouTube channel. Piyush also has a YouTube channel, and he is famous for his naughty behavior.

Sourav Joshi has an interest in sketching celebrities. He has been known to share sketches of celebrities with his fans on his YouTube channel. He also loves playing with Oreo. Besides being a successful artist, Sourav has a hobby of drawing animals, and he is very fond of horses. His YouTube channel has over 2.5 million subscribers and he regularly uploads art tutorials.

The Indian vlogger Sourav Joshi has been making a name for himself on YouTube for three years. His videos feature his family, including his pet dog, Oreo. In a year and a half, Sourav has gained more than 13 million subscribers. Whether you are an avid YouTube viewer or just a curious watcher, Sourav Joshi is sure to have something that interests you.

Despite Sourav Joshi’s success, he is a humble man with modest roots. His grandfather, Amma, and Chacha live in a village in Haldwani, India. He also has numerous relatives. His father has been a painter for more than a decade. Sourav has two YouTube channels. Sourav is the youngest brother of Sahil Joshi, who runs two channels.

Sourav Joshi is a Brahmin and follows the Kumaoni culture. He also has two brothers, named Piyush and Sahil Joshi. Sourav Joshi is a popular YouTuber and vlogger. And he’s a dog lover! You can even adopt him! Just remember to give him a hug before letting him leave the house!

He earns from Google Adsense and brand endorsements

Sourav Joshi is a successful Youtuber who makes videos about various products. His primary source of income is Google Adsense. He has worked with several brands and received brand endorsements for products. He receives 320 to 350 million monthly views on his YouTube channels. While his net worth is still unknown, he is estimated to have a net worth of Rs 19 crores by 2022, which would translate to approximately $2.55 million.

The income that Sourav Joshi earns from his YouTube channel is based on his video uploads, which can be found on his YouTube channels. He has several thousand subscribers, and his viewers are primarily Indian. He is based in India, and his net worth is estimated at five crore rupees (about $4 million). In addition to this, he has two YouTube channels, a family home, and acres of land for farming. Sourav Joshi does not participate in any online gaming, but is active on Instagram. Although he has earned millions of dollars, he does not play any video games. He started with a simple art station and has since grown to include vlogging.

Although there are no data to back up the claims, Sourav Joshi’s YouTube channel is the number one source of revenue for a successful YouTuber. Sourav has made 2 music videos, has a huge fan base on social media, and earns a significant amount from Google Adsense and brand endorsements. Sourav is the highest-paid YouTuber in India, but he is still a relatively newcomer.

Sourav’s YouTube channel has grown dramatically over the last few years. Sourav has an iPhone 12 Pro for vlogging and a separate vlogging phone. He has also purchased an iPad for art channel purposes. He gifted his iPad to his brother Piyush Joshi. He also owns three monster cars and a pomerian dog. Sourav is active on his YouTube channel and is a regular vlogger.

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