Ebenezer Mission’s NDIS Community Nursing in Burwood

For a person with a disability, having access to every service available is essential. One of the best places to find Burwood disability services is Ebenezer Mission, a NDIS-registered provider. These services help those with considerable disabilities access the community and achieve their personal goals. They provide therapeutic supports, such as personal care, transportation, and therapy, to help them achieve their goals and live a more active lifestyle.

NDIS-Funded Therapeutic Supports

At Ebenezer Mission, NDIS Community Nursing Burwood-funded therapeutic supports are provided by an allied health professional in Burwood. Qualified allied health professionals are trained to provide therapeutic services for individuals living with a disability. These supports include a range of services such as diet planning and development of personal resources. The allied health team is also available to provide support with social inclusion issues related to a disability.

Dietitian or Registered Nurse

The NDIS Community Nursing Burwood-funded therapeutic supports are generally provided by a qualified allied health professional, such as an occupational therapist, physiotherapist, speech pathologist, dietitian or registered nurse. These professionals will often meet with the participant to determine what support they can provide. 

Therapy services provided by a qualified allied health professional include help with daily personal activities such as bathing, eating and toileting. Some programs also involve development of social and communication skills, specialist behaviour management plans, and transport to and from school. Assistance with everyday activities can help individuals reach their full potential. A qualified allied health professional in Burwood will tailor a program that will meet the needs of the participant.

Benefits of Community Nursing

At Ebenezer Mission, NDIS Community Nursing Burwood is provided through a qualified allied health professional. The service offers an individualised program for people with physical or cognitive disabilities. It is designed to improve quality of life and promote independence. A qualified allied health professional is a great resource for NDIS clients. 

Listed below are some of the benefits of community nursing:

  • The NDIS includes funding for 1400 Community Nursing Care providers.
  • Care providers in the NDIS community are required to be highly skilled and specialised to meet the needs of participants with complex health conditions.
  • Funding for high-level specialist care and training of care providers is also included in this registration group.

Who Can Receive NDIS Community Nursing Care?

The NDIS Community Nursing Burwood care service is funded by the participant’s NDIS plan. A registered nurse comes to the participant’s home and provides essential nursing care. The NDIS community registered nurse will coordinate with other healthcare providers and family to ensure the participant receives the right range of services. In addition to providing quality nursing care, these home-based care services keep participants socially engaged and in the community. To receive this service, participants must meet the eligibility requirements.

Complex Wound & Bowel Care

For NDIS participants, the services offered are flexible and can be tailored to the participant’s needs. Some of these supports can include complex wound and bowel care, daily medication management, and more. NDIS disability supports can also include access to catheters and subcutaneous injections. Community nursing care can also include enteral tube feeding. The benefits of NDIS community nursing care are numerous.

If you have any queries regarding your NDIS Plan, we have a team of experienced professionals at Ebenezer Mission who can assist you. You can reach out to us via email at, phone at 0478 831 731, or live chat on our website.

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