Florida Motorcycle Insurance Rate Quotes 

You will find that Florida motorcycle insurance rate quotes vary greatly depending on the type of coverage you are looking for. Companies may consider your driving record, credit history, age, address, number of drivers, type of motorcycle, and the type of coverage you carried on your previous insurance policy. All this information is compiled, and you are issued a tiered rate. The better your tier, the lower your insurance quote will be. One company is not always the best fit for all drivers. That is why we always compare these companies with our comparative rating software to verify the best quote.

Florida Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

Motorcycle Insurance is not required in the state of Florida (see Section 320) unless you do not wear a helmet (see Helmet Law). However, it is an excellent idea to carry coverage to protect your personal liability and any injuries in the event of a motorcycle accident. Most companies offer coverage similar to an auto insurance policy. This would include bodily injury liability in the event you injure someone in an accident and property damage liability to cover damage you cause to someone else’s property with your motorcycle.

Florida Motorcycle Insurance Additional Coverages

Medical payments can be purchased to cover injuries to you or a guest passenger in the event of injury in a motorcycle accident. You may also purchase comprehensive and collision coverage. Comprehensive coverage will cover damage to your motorcycle outside of an accident (theft, windstorm, etc.), and collision coverage will protect against damage incurred in an accident. Uninsured motorist coverage is also available in the event you are injured by someone who does not carry insurance or may not have enough insurance to cover your injuries, lost wages, or loss of life.

Why Do You Need Motorcycle Insurance

With no structural protection, a very low visibility profile, and travel patterns that may seem slightly erratic to the vast majority of motorists, bikers on the roadways can be at an extremely high risk of accident. Having current motorcycle insurance in sufficient amounts is a legal requirement in most places, but more than that, it may be the only thing preventing bankruptcy for the unfortunate accident victim.

The truth of the matter is that you can be injured horribly at extremely low speeds. Just as it is possible to drown in a bowl of cereal, break your neck falling off a chair, or knock out a tooth simply by biting into an apple, wrecks which occur at comparatively low speeds can be highly injurious or even fatal.

Liability and Theft

Of course, insurance that covers liability and theft will not be able to prevent injuries in case of an accident. No piece of paper could provide protection to you or anyone else in the real world. But given the ever-increasing costs of medical care, especially hospitalization, having a good motorcycle insurance policy could save you thousand of dollars in medical bills.

Theft is also a concern for motorcycle owners. Bikes are small enough to be stolen by simply loading them into the back of a truck or van. Most motorcycles weigh between three hundred and six hundred pounds. For a few motivated people, lifting a bike onto a truck is very doable. While it is true that the price of a new bike is usually considerably less than that of a car, even a few thousand dollars is way too much to have to pay just to replace something that someone decided to steal from you.

Bikes’ Coverage

Coverage for bikes may not be as expensive as similar automobile policies. It is always a good idea to shop around, compare rates, and see who offers the best combination of price and coverage. Many insurance companies offer multiple policy discounts for customers who already have their cars or homes insured through them. It may or may not be the best deal for you, but be sure to at least get a quote from your current insurance company.

Liability insurance tends to be less expensive for motorcycles, simply because they do less damage to others because they’re smaller than cars. For one thing, a rider who knows what they are doing is able to anticipate situations before they occur. Reaction and compensation will always factor into any emergency maneuvers, to be sure, but not getting into those sorts of spots in the first place is a far more reliable and ultimately safer habit.

Experienced Riders

As is the case with nearly all other form of coverage, the amount of time an applicant has been engaged in the activity to be insured without any reported incidents, the more confident the guarantor will be that the backing is a safe investment. Highly experienced riders who have submitted no claims of any sort in a substantial period of time are likely to enjoy lower rates than their freshly-mounted brethren.

No car insurance under $50 a month offered by any company can save your life or the life of others in the event of an accident. And it won’t repair their helmet, either. But it will help them pay for a new ride if theirs is lost, stolen, or damaged. It will even save you money if you don’t have an accident because you won’t get a citation for not having proof of insurance if a police officer pulls you over.

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