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4 Things to do over the weekend in Hunter valley

Situated northwest of Sydney, Hunter Valley is a pre-eminent wine region in New South Wales. Being just over 2 and half hours from Sydney, Hunter Valley is the perfect weekend destination if you want to escape your mundane work routine and relax. 

The oldest and most famous wine region in Australia, housing over 150 wineries, Hunter Valley has a lot to offer. These offerings don’t revolve just around wine and wine tasting but dip their feet into many other fun-filled activities and places to visit. 

So, what all can you squeeze in a weekend full of serene and peaceful experiences in Hunter valley? Read on to find out.

First, you need to find good accommodation in the Hunter Valley. Once your luggage is taken care of, you can freshen up and head out to explore the following offerings of the infamous Hunter Valley. 

  1. Sunrise hot-air ballooning

Sunrise hot-air ballooning tops this list because of how fulfilling it is an experience. If you are headed over to Hunter Valley over the weekend, sunrise ballooning is one o the first things you must cross off your to-do list. 

The experience entails a beautiful scenic joyride over the vast Hunter Valley with the view of the sun rising. The balloon is suspended over 2,000 feet in the air, floating over Pokolbin, Rothbury, Lovedale, and Broke. 

Spot some beautiful wineries during this experience, and if you want wine to be a part of this experience, you can opt for the breakfast package. It offers a delicious breakfast paired with some fine wine. 

  1. Wine-barrel grape stomping 

Following the age-old tradition of stomping grapes with your feet, this experience offers you to be a part of the wine-making process. A fun way to learn about the wine-making experience, you also obtain a beautiful spa experience. 

By soaking up your feet in mashed grapes, you are exposing your feet to anti-oxidants which offer a multitude of benefits to your skin. 

So book a session now and get to trampolining in a tub of grapes!

  1. Go wine-tasting 

One of Australia’s biggest and oldest wine regions, Hunter Valley, is made for wine aficionados. 

Housing over 150 wineries, Hunter Valley had over 500 acres of excess registered wine land back in 1840. Hence, you can gauge its wine production capabilities accordingly. 

A list of the best wineries in Hunter Valley is as follows:

  • Brokenwood Wines 
  • Audrey Wilkinson Winery
  • Briar Ridge
  • Harkham Wines
  • Pepper Tree Wines, etc. 
  1. Visit the beautiful Hunter Valley Garden 

The Hunter Valley Garden is a must-visit if you are planning a trip to the valley this weekend. Spreading over a cumulative area of 14 hectares, Hunter Valley is home to over ten internationally themed gardens. 

The most popular one of all these is the Skybook Garden. Encompassing over 8 km of pathways covering topiary displays, statues, man-made ponds, a 10m high waterfall, murals, beautiful architectural structures, etc.

Hunter Valley is the perfect Aussie weekend getaway if you want a weekend away from your daily routine. 

Find comfortable accommodation in the Hunter valley and plan a detailed itinerary. Grab your partner and enjoy the fine wine and extensive offerings of the infamous Hunter Valley.

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