Why Should You Consider Standing Desk

Rather than just sitting in a chair, why not have workstations that allow you to work at your “desk job” while standing up. A standing desk is specially made so you can transform a conventional desk into a standing desk through an automatic electric button within the desk. As a result, sales of standing workstations have increased dramatically in recent years, often outpacing those of traditional office desks.

The new work arrangement, working from home, also added to the pros of investing in a standing desk. Since this is an out-of-pocket expense, most tend to research to justify the cost of the desk; the following are the reasons why some have shifted to standing desks:

  • Calorie Count

Physical experts agree you burn more calories standing up than sitting down; hence if you accumulate the number of hours spent on your feet while typing comfortably on your computer, you might be surprised by the burned calories. Research revealed that typing while standing burns around ten more calories per hour than sitting down. 

This also brings to light the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle; thus, if a desk allows you to do your job while you expend calories, the better.

Remember, obesity and heart problems are closely correlated with a non-active lifestyle.

  • Can help prevent sugar spikes

Generally speaking, the greater the spike in blood sugar levels following a meal, the more detrimental it is to your health. For people who have diabetes, this is very important. So after a meal, it is best to continue your desk work standing.

  • Beneficial in reducing back pain

Back discomfort is a prevalent complaint among office employees who spend most of their time sitting. However, studies suggest employees who have suffered from chronic back pain reported less discomfort after a month-long standing desk use.

  • It helps tone muscles and enhances posture

It should be no surprise that standing for an hour requires us to employ more muscles than sitting. Standing for short periods can improve your core, leg, ankle, and foot muscles, among other things.

However, proper positioning or standing straight are required. Standing while working isn’t worth it if you end up slouching. To maintain an appropriate posture while standing, keep your back straight. Push your shoulders back, and keep your head raised high. Along with better posture and muscle tone, you may also be able to elevate your metabolism, which will result in an even greater increase in the number of calories you burn every hour.

  • Standing tweaks moods and energy levels

Sitting or inactivity, in general, has been related to an increased risk of sadness and anxiety, as well as an increased chance of obesity. On the other hand, standing has been linked to improved mood and vitality. A case study showed those who returned to their traditional sitting desks experienced decreased mood states.

Standing encourages teamwork, which is particularly beneficial in open-plan offices and improves mood and vitality.

Technology and science have teamed up to address problems related to inactivity while working. The standing desk, which allows height adjustment options, can be an alternative to only sitting desks. With this, users can adjust the desk height; it is also sturdy and has a warranty. The many benefits of standing have been enumerated; this is your chance to visit sites digitally or in-person to test a unit. Make sure your choice addresses your budget, space or functionality concerns.

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