Polypropylene or Polyvinylchloride Banner Stands – Which is Better?

Marketers with limited resources always need to be extra careful when investing in marketing tools. These tools are becoming more expensive every year. Plus, small-scale, local stores can no longer afford to buy digital ad space or expensive decorations. Still, they must install branded marketing and decorative items inside and outside their stores.

Why? Approximately 69% of shoppers claim they will never revisit stores that don’t offer pleasant shopping experiences. Marketing tools and decorations are key for creating high-quality brick-and-mortar shopping experiences. Thankfully, storeowners can rely on one cost-effective marketing tool that always yields great results – custom banner stands.

The Importance of Using High-Quality Banners

A well-designed banner can instantly light up any location – be it a small brick-and-mortar store or a crowded tradeshow. These tools help business leaders display their brand’s name, logo, and taglines in the classiest way possible. Plus, the latest banners made of materials like Polypropylene or PVC are durable and reusable.

What are Polypropylene Banners?

Polypropylene is a synthetic material. Sheets made of these materials are smooth, flexible tear-resistant, and scratch-resistant. That’s why they’re used in banner manufacturing. The lightweight banner material is ideal for manufacturing tradeshow graphics, banners, and point-of-purchase (POP) marketing tools.

Unlike paper or normal plastic, Polypropylene resists creases. They don’t tear or pick up tears very easily. These banners also don’t need to be laminated to be strong. They’re naturally weather and UV-resistant. That’s why polypropylene banners are also used outdoors. These banners also offer high levels of water resistance.

These qualities make polypropylene banners very popular among marketers. It’s very easy to print high-resolution photos and design elements on these posters. These banners are also super-easy to set up. Assembly and setup rarely take over five minutes. Some sellers even offer self-adhesive polypropylene banners. They’re even easier to install.

What are PVC Banners?

PVC or polyvinylchloride is another material that’s used to manufacture durable, high-quality banners. These banners are suitable for both in/outdoor use. These qualities make PVC banners highly cost-effective. PVC is also waterproof and fade resistant. PVC banners are just as long-lasting as polypropylene banners.

PVC banners can also be custom-printed with bright colors and high-definition photographs. PVC is a tough material. It can withstand all ranges of weather conditions. Banners made of PVC are still lightweight enough to be carried from one event to another.

Polypropylene or PVC – Which is Better?

In terms of quality, looks, and durability, there’s not much difference between Polypropylene and PVC banners. However, Polypropylene is not environmentally toxic. PVC is. That’s because PVC banners often contain chlorine, lead stabilizers, plasticizers, etc. These synthetic chemicals aren’t good for your health or the environment.

That’s why using Polypropylene makes more sense. It’s “environmentally neutral” plastic. Polypropylene contains carbon and hydrogen. It only generates water and carbon dioxide when it’s burned. Banners made of this material don’t give off dangerous fumes or chemicals.

You can also opt for banners made of no-curl vinyl, mesh, polyester fabric, or canvas. But, Polypropylene banners are currently the best option in the market.

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