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How to Get the Right Measurements for Plantation Shutters

What’s the Difference Between a Shutter and a Blind? 

If you’re looking to get plantation shutters in your home, you’ll be excited about the new addition. However, one thing stands in your way…the measurement process. How do you get the right measurements for these shutters? 

Fortunately, the good news is that a plantation shutter installer in Brisbane will do all of this for you. They have all the right equipment and experience to get the measurements right in as little time as possible. Before you know it, you’ll have plantation shutters installed inside your property. 

If you want to measure for plantation shutters yourself, you’ll need to determine whether you want inside mount or outside mount shutters. The former, for example, are installed inside the window frame and this is where you’ll need to measure. To measure for an inside mount shutter, you’ll need to know the depth of your window frame, the width of each window opening, and the height of the window opening. 

If you choose an outside mount shutter, you’ll need to measure the same three areas while also considering the mounting requirements. As mentioned, you can relieve yourself of this burden by getting a professional to visit your property and install the shutters. 

When reading this guide, you might wonder how a shutter differs from a blind. Essentially, the biggest difference between the two is their structure. On the one hand, traditional blinds are affixed to the top of the window and drop down from this fixture. Whether slatted or a sheet of material, the fixture is at the top of the window. On the other hand, the general shutter design is affixed to the sides of windows. 

Generally speaking, shutters offer a sturdier structure because they are attached to the actual window frame. Depending on the design, shutters can attach all around the window frame rather than just the sides. Either way, it tends to offer more durability and stability than blinds. 

Additionally, the materials used for shutters and blinds also differ. While there are always exceptions to the rule, plantation shutters normally use sturdy materials like wood. Unfortunately, blinds tend to use material blinds attached by delicate cords. As soon as something goes wrong with this system, your blinds are left looking ragged and old. Meanwhile, shutters keep their structure and appearance for many years to come. 

Since they’re attached to the window frame, most homeowners also find that shutters retain heat more effectively than blinds. This means that you don’t need the heating on for as long and this is reflected in lower energy bills. 

Installation of Plantation Shutters Over Windows 

When working with a professional, they will explain the different installation options. As mentioned earlier, you can choose to place the shutters inside the window frame or outside the frame. Either way, they cover windows and offer lots of benefits to homeowners

For one thing, they offer better light control than most other options. Elsewhere, utilising this design over the windows offers a timeless look while making the whole installation easier to maintain. 

Furthermore, those with an eye on their home’s selling price will also appreciate the added value that plantation shutters bring to a property. As well as adding security and privacy, shutters offer kerb appeal to all prospective buyers. Finally, they’re also made from solid materials which leads to durability through all seasons for many years. 

With the installation over windows, shutters offer a durable, high-quality solution. Why not consider your own options today? 

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