A Guide To Choose The Perfect Cakes

Cakes are the centrepiece of all special celebrations. Enticing designs accompanied with heavenly tastes and lip-smacking flavours makes cakes a delicacy everyone looks for on special occasions. The best way to make lasting impressions on anyone is by choosing the perfect cakes they will appreciate. However, finding the perfect cakes can be a challenge with a wide selection of flavours, designs, and ingredients, available. In this post, we share a guide to choosing the perfect cakes. Read on.


With cakes – the looks make the first impressions. Cake decoration is one of the most crucial elements that should be overlooked. Most cakes are covered with ganache or frosting which also have a matching flavour for the cake. Since cakes are a staple for special occasions it is thought to have a cake to suit the occasion. While some simple cake decorations require baking tools, the complicated decorations will also require patience and skill too! If the ganache or frosting is not properly spread over the cake, this will affect the consistency of the design. 

You can also customise the decorations for the celebrations. With many options from which to choose there is always a birthday cake for mother/father to express love and happiness.


After enticing your loved ones with a decorative cake, the next step is to satisfy their taste buds with lip-smacking cakes. With a wide variety of cake flavours, there is something for everyone. But, it’s not just about picking a random cake flavour and hoping your loved ones will appreciate the efforts. The cake does not have to be too sweet or have too much of everything – this can be a serious turnoff. It is essential to use the best quality ingredients. With bakery stores, you can customise the cake taste, decorations, and more to make special moments count with lip-smacking cake tastes.


No one wants to miss out on the spirited cake cutting and feasting time! Everyone at the special occasion must have their own piece of cake. Since you know the type of celebrations and amount of guests – you are in a better position to pick the ideal cake size. Cake sizes start from as small as 0.5 kg to supersized cakes. There are many options to go with like cupcakes, half cakes, and jar cakes. If you do not know a thing about cakes, no worries – all you simply have to do is instruct the cake shop about your expected guests and they will suggest you a perfect size.


Like all other delicious foods – a fresh and lip-smacking cake has a sweet aroma. The aroma of cakes is a fusion of flavours and ingredients. Poor quality cakes have a flat or sharp aroma while the perfect cakes have a sweet scent. Ramp up special celebrations with your loved ones by surprising them with their favourite cake flavours.

Shelf life

A well-baked cake maintains its freshness, appearance, and taste for a considerable time. The shelf life of cakes is a  result of the baking methods, quality of ingredients, and how it is stored. So, when buying a perfect cake it is wise to have the cake baked on or before the celebrations.


One amazing thing about cakes is that – everyone at the occasion has to wait for the cutting and feasting time! Now with uncommon flavours – that’s where most hopes are lost. Picking the perfect cake flavour is like having the golden ticket to win the hearts of loved ones. Some of the most popular cake flavours are chocolate, vanilla, black forest, red velvet, strawberry, coconut, and fruit cakes. So, if you do not know the flavours your loved ones prefer you will always make their moment. Another amazing idea to surprise your loved ones with their favourite cakes is with assorted cupcakes and jar cakes.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how to choose the perfect cakes for special occasions, make lasting impressions on your loved ones with fresh, lip-smacking, and well-decorated cakes from the leading bakeries offering online home cake delivery in Chennai offering a wide variety of cake options.

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