Prevent Accidents by Using Warning Tapes

Brief Details about the Warning Tape

For any workplace, the most important factor is to look after the safety of their employees and premises. Every organization needs to make sure that its employees are safe while working there. If the employees find that their workplace is safer then they will give more dedication towards work. Because they don’t need to think about their safety.

Every workplace needs to follow the laws which are made by the government to imply strict safety guidelines. The government authorities do random audits in the workplaces to know if these places are following proper safety measures. For employers, their prime duty is to provide safety to their workers. It doesn’t matter if they are following it due to government laws or by their wish.

There are numerous ways through, the employer can assure that there are enough visible signboards available that mention the hazards present in the workplace. For these types of boards, warning tape has become an important tool. In today’s article, we are going to know more about this warning tape. 

What are the Warning Tapes?

The Warning Tape is the special kind of tape that is used in the workplace to indicate any health hazard or safety. Various mechanical work is involved with these tapes. Normally these tapes are available in the brightest colours. On these kinds of tapes, some warning words are mentioned such as “Caution”, “Restricted Area”, “Danger”, etc. 

These tapes are primarily used to provide alertness on the work sites. These are very helpful to prevent any type of danger that can harm anyone working there. These tapes are also referred to as Underground Warning Tapes. These are created by using materials like LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, and SPVC. 

Types of Warning Tapes?

In every worksite, there are lots of situations where we need to identify that it is necessary. So that there are no hazardous situations. These things include various things such as faulty machines or open circuits. In very dangerous work sites like under process sites or chemical sites, there are high risks of hazards that can create more damage. 

Using Warning Tape helps to mark out those areas or objects which can create hazards. There are lots of varieties available for warning tape that help to indicate hazardous situations. These tapes are available in different colours. We need to understand the importance of every type of Underground Warning Tape.

Red: Red Coloured Warning Tapes highlights the area where there is electric power distribution.

Blue: Blue Coloured Tapes are for indications of the Water Lines Area.

Yellow: This Tape is used to highlight the gas distribution lines, oil area, transmission line, or any other area which contains dangerous products. 

Orange: These types of caution tapes are used to highlight any technology hazards like Television Systems, Telegraph, etc.

Green: Green Coloured Warning Tapes are used to indicate the Sewer Lines and Plantations. 

All of these tapes are normally bright and very much reflective. These tapes are also clearly visible from a distance or in dark.

What is the Importance of Warning Tapes?

We can see various cases related to Injury daily in many workplaces. Out of these injuries, some cases are fatal while some have serious injuries. To keep the workplace very safe to work the administration needs to take strong actions to keep safety on the higher side. That brings the use of Warning Tapes as very crucial to maintain safety. This is a basic need to prevent accidents from happening in worksites and it also contributes to ethical practices 

How to Choose the Best Warning Tape Manufacturer?

These types of warning tapes are created by various manufacturers. Although every manufacturer produces every type of caution tape, not every manufacturer provides these tapes with high quality, cost-effectiveness, and competitive Advantage. Before choosing the manufacturer for tapes just check out the below-mentioned points

  • Always prefer the manufacturer who has good experience in the same industry. As their experience will help them to know everything about the Tapes. 
  • You will get the best quality of tapes from the best manufacturer.
  • These tapes are a basic need. You need to spend a lot while buying these tapes. Always deal with those manufacturers who are providing you with some discount or special offer on bulk orders.

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