What Are The Best Mouse Bungee Options 2022?

A gaming mouse is less expensive and lighter, and the cable doesn’t have to slow down your game performance. That is if you use the best mouse bungee.

These devices must keep your cord above the ground in order to reduce friction as you move your mouse around. That’s the only thing there is to it. Some manufactures go over and above with other functionality, but the basic aim is to keep a portion of your USB cord in place.

Nonetheless, a mouse bungee might be a useful addition to your gaming setup. If you don’t want to go with a wireless mouse but believe your old mouse can perform better, these items provide an economical alternative. It’s the same dependable mouse you’re used to, but with a little more flexibility of movement. Consider them a low-cost update or a kind present for a fellow player. Are you looking for one of these handy anchors to hold your wires in place? I will show you some of the greatest gaming mouse bungees on the market.

Best Mouse Bungee Units 

When searching for a fantastic mouse bungee, consider these possibilities.


BenQ and its Zowie subsidiary are hot on the trail with a follow-up to what many gamers consider the greatest mouse bungee. It has nearly the same form as its predecessor, but with some minor changes.


  • Designed for High Performance: Rubber clip accommodates rubber, paracord, and braided cables, preventing cable entanglement without adding latency to the system. 
  • Allows for your Setup: You may choose your preferred cable thanks to two adjustable heights. Slack, Cable Management Simplified.

For starters, it weighs about 380 grams, which is somewhat more than the previous version’s 243 grams. The original wasn’t easy to collapse in the first place, but its sequel is much more securely in place, even when flipping about like crazy. Rubberized feet, as is common with most mouse bungees, increase to its rigidity.

Furthermore, the bungee part’s length is spring-adjustable. It is around 105 millimeters tall at its smallest point, rising to 128 millimeters or 159 millimeters at its tallest point. This guarantees that there is always a suitable height for your mousing preferences, with the lowest option giving extra comfort while traveling with your peripherals.

This best mouse bungee allows you to clip in any kind of cable (rubber, braided, or paracord), however, it only comes in one color globally. If you want the greatest mouse bungee on the market, we hope you enjoy red-on-black accents.

KLIM Bungee

It is the best mouse bungee with multi-purpose uses at an affordable price. This mouse Bungee may seem to be a futuristic codpiece, but it is loaded with extra capabilities. The titanium base not only holds the rubbery bungee section in place but also has three USB 3.0 connections on the underside. If you’re looking for a way to keep your cable afloat while simultaneously freeing up some ports on your setup, this may be it.

  • PERFECT CONTROL is a feature. This bungee extension enables you to precisely manipulate your mouse while avoiding any obstructions or disturbances. 
  • MEETS YOUR USB PORT REQUIREMENTS. Experience data transfer speeds of up to 5 Gb/s with the newest USB 3.0 technology and improved power supplies. 
  • THE MOST EXPENSIVE ON THE MARKET. This device is ideal for your gaming setup.

It’s also not limited to being a basic USB hub. The base also has a microSD card reader and RGB lights, emphasizing the futuristic theme even further. The RGB lighting, on the other hand, is always on and defaults to a continually changing hue. Most people won’t have an issue with it, but it may not be compatible with whatever RGB profiles you currently have running on your desk.

For all of its cool added features, it does skimp on this best mouse bungee. Despite having a metallic base and a completely rubberized bottom, the bungee weighs around 249 grams. That should be adequate to hold it in place, although the rubber arm may be sturdier than rivals’ standard spring-like arms.

If the style appeals to you — and you can live with a somewhat stiffer arm – it provides a useful multi-purpose mouse bungee without much increasing the price.

Razer Mouse Bungee V3 Chroma

Looking for a bungee with highly addressable RGB? Razer is generally the place to be. Their Chroma “shtick” isn’t for everyone, but it’s usually regarded as one of the finest RGB ecosystems. 

To customize the inbuilt RGB lights, you’ll need to run Razer Synapse 3.0. This Mouse Bungee will default to a continually changing color spectrum if you do not install this piece of software.


  • Wireless-Like Feeling: An adjustable spring enables the mouse cable to be inserted at the optimal angle to avoid tangling while playing.
  • Weighted Base: An incorporated weight provides additional stability.
  • Zero-Movement Anti-Slip Feet: The strong, weighted base is strengthened with non-slip feet to ensure that the bungee stays in place and does not turn over when gaming.

Its all-black, metallic appearance is sure to complement most workstations. The twin spring arms have matte black paint, which keeps them rust-free.

The 6-foot USB cable required for the Chroma variant is also braided, demonstrating Razer’s attention to detail.

Given the somewhat higher price (particularly on the Chroma variant), it’s a pity this unit’s height isn’t adjustable. Most users will probably be satisfied with the default height of 120 millimeters, although some competitive players may like some more adjustability.

Glorious Mouse Bungee

It is an Efficacious, simple, and very affordable option. Glorious, a relative newcomer to “the game,” has made a name for themselves with their gaming accessories. This Mouse Bungee isn’t exactly inventing the wheel, but the straightforward device fulfills its job well. It’s also not too expensive, which is always a plus.


  • WHITE is the available color in it.
  • The spring-adjustable arm allows for a variety of height modifications.
  • Rubber clip for various mouse cable diameters.

Consider this mouse bungee to be a direct rival to Zowie’s well-received CAMADE II. With a weight of 265 grams, it may be a little lighter, but Glorious offers nearly the same bundle. This low-cost bungee has a retractable and dual-springed arm, is compatible with most cables, and has a strong, rubberized base. It’s everything you’d expect in a standard bungee, but at a somewhat lesser cost.

This best Mouse Bungee is available in black and icey white, in addition to its simple appearance and claims. Given that most bungees have dark color palettes, the white option seems rather refreshing.

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