What Underfloor Heating System Myths You Should Look Out for and Avoid?

So you have decided to install underfloor heating system in your home? While during your research and consultation regarding undefloor heating you would have come across several resources to put forward what several benefits you can gain with underfloor heating, there are several misconceptions doing the round related to such heating system.

So, what are those underfloor heating system mistakes that you need to keep watch out for and not get influenced by those? We list down below:

  1. It is Expensive to Radiators

Well there is no denying the fact that underfloor heating installation does come expensive, but its usage over time saves better as compared to radiators. It requires less maintenance and is great an investment considering the energy efficiency you get over the long period of time.

  1. It is Suitable for Big and Expensive Buildings Only

Not at all. If you have heard or if you think yourself that this is a luxury addition to a property, then you can’t be more wrong. As compared to the earlier times, installing modern underfloor heating system is less expensive. While it is a significant investment, but that is one time only, and the long run this heating system will keep your home warm will pay off handsomely.

  1. It is Difficult to Install

When we talk about underfloor heating system, many have the vision of a large and complex process that could be a difficult one. However, it isn’t so. When you are having such heating systems installed by a professional and experienced installer than they can carry out the whole installing in a precise, efficient and easy way.

  1. It Takes Time to Heat Up the Property

While this may hold true for traditional heating systems, the modern range of underfloor heating systems aren’t as such. In today’s times you will find that after you turn on the heating system it heats the home effectively and evenly. And accompanying that is a thermostat that helps to control and keep the heating system operational at defined times.

  1. It Needs to be Installed in Multiple Rooms

Not at all. You can install it in a single room, or you can have this installed in different rooms wherever you require, specific to your heating needs.

  1. It Can’t be Installed in Old Properties

This is a myth that many people feel true and thereby left behind gaining the benefits of an underfloor heating system at their existing properties. While it is true that for a new building, this heating system can be factored into the process of construction, it isn’t that you can’t have these installed in your older property. Especially if you are doing a home renovation, then it is the best suitable time to install underfloor heating at your property.

  1. Wet Heating System is Expensive to Run

Underfloor heating system comes in two forms – electric and water (wet). And many people consider the heating system as one and do not differentiate between these two. Now, comparing these tow, the electric one is a bit higher on the cost aspect to run as cost per unit with electricity is a higher than using gas. And when you use the electric heating system with an electric boiler than this also comes at an expensive running cost.  You may overlook this as the installation cost is on the lesser side, but the running cost comes a bit high as it is 3 times costlier than wet underfloor heating system.

Proper wet underfloor heating systems are a better option as these use to heat water at a lower temperature and therefore less energy is used, and these are also good for the environmental factor. So, you can now understand that wet heating systems save on the energy bills in the longer run.

  1. Wet Heating System Can Cause Leak Issue

Well, as this is a water based heating system, it is understood that of the system isn’t installed correctly it can lead to some leak issue. But when you follow the right installation steps and techniques there isn’t any chance that you would run the risk of leakage.

So, now knowing these 8 misconceptions will mean that you won’t be left behind leveraging the advantage underfloor heating can provide to your home and you.

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