The Future of Content Marketing – B2B content marketing strategy

Content marketing is a way for businesses to develop targeted content to their audience that they can then convert into leads and sales. Blogs, videos, guides, social media posts and more are all used as a form of content marketing.

Companies that invest in content marketing are saving time and energy. They spend less time generating content, and more time selling their product or service to customers. Companies can also generate leads through blogging or creating Facebook ads.

According to a study, companies that invest in content marketing generate nearly triple the number of leads than those that don’t.

Marketing managers need to know what type of information they should create for their customers’ conversion goals and how to make it interesting enough for them to share it with their followers. They also need a target audience in mind before creating a b2b content marketing strategy.

In this article, we will discuss the future of content marketing that will help a business generate more traffic and improve ROI.

How will content marketing help improve traffic & ROI

Content marketing plays a vital role in creating brand awareness and distributing your content or brand’s message on the web. The organic traffic received from content marketing can help your brand generate more leads to your landing page. According to a source, 42% of B2B marketers say they are effective at content marketing.

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A clever B2B content marketing strategy can help a brand increase sales and build a stronger reputation with their customers. However, Content marketing can take longer time to produce real returns for B2B marketers. But, it’s a solid, long-term strategy for increasing your brand’s web presence.

Here’s how B2B marketers can build a strong content marketing strategy to get desired results.

1.      Customer-Oriented Content

You’re only able to truly connect with your audience when the content you post is for your target audience. Carefully understand your buyer persona and create content that resonates with them. You need to go deep into their interests, demographics and psychographics. One you have that information, write on topics that engages your audience and help develop a stronger relationship. A survey by Carol Forden suggested that 78% of customers are likely to trust your brand if you create customized content.

Therefore, in the near future, a clever B2B content marketing strategy will be to create more content that is built specifically for your target audience. This will help build stronger customer relationships, communicate the brand’s message to your audience and make your product or service look more relevant in the market.

2.      Content Translations

Content translations may seem useless at first but it can surprisingly reap out good results for your brand. A recent survey by Neil Patel suggested that translations, amongst other sources, can get your business the highest organic traffic.

Translation simply means creating content in other different dialects. When that is done, you tap into a larger audience and have a higher chance of generating good leads. There are many countries with large population and higher internet usage. When your content is visible in these regions, there will be higher chances to dominate your website on Google. So translating your content can help increase traffic to your website and other social media channels, and in longer time generate higher revenue.

3.      Update or Reuse Content

Reuse Content
Re-using content means to utilize your existing content in various ways. A reuse content helps create new content in the most enriched and effective way. According to a source, intelligent content is semantically categorized and structurally rich content that is automatically discoverable, reusable, reconfigurable, and adaptive.

Blog posts earn the highest share in terms of generating inbound traffic. Using reuse content in you blog posts can help create quality content that generate more traffic and leads. Given the large number of published pieces on your site, you can easily borrow the top performing content and turn it into something even better. Content can be reused in various ways. You can create back links to your older posts, make attractive visual content and write a resource list that features your best performing articles.

Update Content
Updating content means taking the already accessible outdated content, and re-update it. There’s already a lot of content on Google, so adding more content may not help you rank higher on the SERP. It works better than creating more content. If you don’t update your content, you might be unable to maintain your ranking.

Creating a blog and promoting it to increase visitors is an excellent B2B content marketing strategy. Then, in order to stay competitive and keep your audience engaged, you keep that content updated on a regular basis. If you don’t update your content, you risk losing traction, and someone else will write a better version of the same post. As a result, in order to remain relevant in the market, your blog posts must be updated frequently with a newer and more improved version.

4.       Video blogs

Blogs has always proven to generate more organic traffic for companies. However, that trend is slowly changing. People prefer video blogs over written or published articles. According to video marketing statistics by Explain Nina, video blogs are becoming the most trendy and versatile form of efficiently delivering information. A brand story is easily delivered through animated and explanatory videos.

It has also become easier to communicate the brand’s offerings through video product tours. You can easily give product demo videos and share a compelling brand story through a short video. This way, customers are more engaged towards your message. It also helps them recall your brand and build good brand awareness. According to Animoto’s research, 91% of marketers are happy with the return on their social media video marketing efforts. Indeed, 93 % claim to have gained a customer as a result of a social media video. Video blog has therefore proven to be a successful B2B content marketing strategy that generates more leads.

Google provides detailed tours of each of their service to help you better understand how to set up and create campaigns.

5.      Go Omni-Channel

Omni channel is a multichannel strategy that aims to give customers a consistent purchasing experience regardless of whether they’re shopping online from a desktop or mobile device, over the phone, or in a physical store. By going omni-channel, brands will be posting their content on all the available platforms such as facebook, instagram, twitter, tumblr, tik-tok and various others.

Buyers today interact and connect with companies at a variety of points and in a variety of locations. Businesses must ensure that their messaging is consistent across all of these channels. Especially if they want to make the purchasing process as efficient as possible. When your content is visible on most of the platforms, your brand’s message becomes more visible to Google and hence your target audience.


The future of content marketing is just as reliant on data as it is on creativity. Generating content ideas, choosing the right media for them, and targeting them to the right audience are all strategies that will be necessary in order to succeed in this area of marketing.

A few different trends are shaping what content marketing will look like in the future. The first trend predicts a continuation of traditional forms of content marketing services such as blogging, white papers, infographics and eBooks. The other trend predicts a shift from traditional forms of content marketing to more interactive formats such as podcasts and live video interviews.

In order to keep up with all the changes in the world, marketers and digital marketing agencies like Dexterous have been using data science and AI-powered tools to help generate creative ideas for a result-based campaign.

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