What is Hybrid Live Streaming?

Hybrid Live Streaming refers to improving the reach of your hybrid event by further adding the live streaming aspect to it. Organizing events in a hybrid structure was in itself a splendid method to maximize the significance and global spread of an event. Nevertheless, adding an aspect of live streaming also helps businesses and event organizers enjoy improved engagement in their events.

Hybrid Event Streaming allows your international target audience to access the event from their remote areas. And, this is also actually made attainable by the element of live streaming the event over the web. With the benefit of ideal planning, tools, medium, and preparation, a user can organize live streaming for all sorts of hybrid events. Be it a hybrid fest, hybrid conference, a hybrid expo, a hybrid product launch, or a hybrid trade show, the hall of live streaming is not confined to any distinctive format.

Moving ahead, let us explore some of the top hybrid live streaming steps and ideas to ensure a successful hybrid live streaming.

12 Steps to Hosting an Efficient Hybrid Live Streaming

#1 Define Your Event’s Purpose 

Before moving forward to plan your Hybrid Live Streaming, resolve your overall hybrid event goal and distinctive purposes. A well-determined goal of your event will not only assist you in organizing a seamless event but furthermore in bypassing any possible hardships. 

#2 Plan Your Hybrid Event Plan & Structure Properly

After determining your event’s clear goals, move forward with making a sound plan and structure for your event. Creating a well-planned structure for your hybrid event will help you in assuring a clear event flow and engaging experience. Not just this, but it will also enable you to determine your event requirements and needs.

#3 Determine the Hybrid Event Agenda

Once you have specified your event objectives and requirements, create a well-structured agenda for your hybrid event. While forming the agenda, it is essential to recognize that your online participants have a briefer attention span. Thus, make sure you keep the event sessions brief and include suitable breaks throughout the event. 

#4 Pick an Accurate Hybrid Live Streaming Service

Today, the market is sealed with multiple live streaming platforms. Nevertheless, it is essential to select the venue that fits your hybrid event streaming necessities the best. Hence, be wise and practical as you pick a hybrid event platform.

#5 Extend the Value of Your Event

The hybrid live streaming structure of an event provides you three distinct mediums to publicize your association, enclose sponsorship components, and network with the greatest number of participants. Adding these facets, the significance of both your institution and event upgrades. 

#6 Customize Your Hybrid Event Live Streaming 

The element of full customization possibility helps the audience in personalizing the events according to their preferences. While organizing any event, the organizers have a vision of how their event has to appear to the audience. The most advanced platforms offer you the facility to customize each and every facet of the event. The customization feature helps you in the following aspects:

  • Create Captivating Booths as per Requirements
  • Fit Logos and Other Content During the Live Stream
  • Change the Backgrounds
  • Comprise Branding Facets
  • Incorporate Clickable Tools
  • Include Sponsorship Features
  • Make a Well-Designed Event Venue
  • Include Tickers on the Live Stream

#7 Ensure a Seamless User Experience

While attending an online event and accessing the live stream, your global attendees & audience must have an unforgettable event experience. Apart from developing an easy user interface in the online venue, it is crucial to make the live stream easily accessible as well. Regardless, it is also significant to keep the safety concerns of your event in top-most priority. Effortless navigation and accessibility are the two factors that can greatly define attendee engagement in your hybrid event live streaming. 

#8 Make Use of the Advanced Features Provided by the Platform

Features like networking and event engagement are very substantial for any online event. Therefore, make sure you choose a platform that delivers users with the most inventive & progressive networking and engagement tools. Networking is one aspect that individuals look ahead to while accessing online events. Thus, provide them the exact possibilities even during the hybrid event! You can incorporate diverse networking features to enhance the value of your event. Noted below are some of the leading networking and engagement features:

  • Business Card Exchange
  • AI Matchmaking
  • Signature Wall
  • Live Poll, Q&A Sessions, and Trivia
  • Networking Tables
  • Gamification
  • Social Wall
  • Multi-Format Communication
  • Advanced Search Filters
  • Photo Booth
  • On-Event Announcements
  • Captivating Branded Booths

#9 Ensure a Robust Hybrid Event Broadcast

Another significant element that can determine the efficacy of your event is internet connectivity. Hence, it is significant to assure that the technology you use upholds heavy data transmission. The most productive hybrid event platforms render the users with a strong Content Delivery Network. Collaborating with a robust platform, you can guarantee the live streaming of your hybrid event without any lagging video.

#10 Ensure Comprehensive Backend Support 

The sphere of virtual events is yet new and fresh for many people. Hence, it is vital to confirm accurate backend support throughout the online event. So, in a matter of any hardship or query, there is consistently an individual available to assist you with the essential help. The most advanced live streaming solutions cause your event with a 24*7 customer support system to assure a seamless hybrid event execution.

#11 Test the Hybrid Event Streaming Technology

While using any technology, it is vital to test and attempt to sidestep any potential errors or glitches. Hence, test the hybrid event technology suitably before hosting the online event. Examine each tool & feature to assure that the virtual event conducts smoothly without any hindrances.

#12 Analyze the Event Efficacy through the Provided Event Analytics & Reports

Another beneficial feature of taking physical events online is, you get complete event data-based reports & analytics. This data incorporates every aspect of the event, enabling you to analyze each component of the virtual event. Therefore, make sure you choose a service that renders you with complete event data analytics & reports.

Go on and organize an efficient Hybrid Event Live Streaming!

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